Wagoneer S Electric SUV Release Date

Wagoneer S Release Date

The future of SUV luxury, capabilities, and sustainability will be redefined when the 2024 Wagoneer S release date arrives. This glimpse into the next era of driving is one you won’t want to miss. Fortunately, leaping ahead doesn’t mean leaving behind what you love about the Wagoneer lineup – it just takes it to the next level.

From acceleration that outpaces the most thrilling modern muscle cars and a targeted electric range that goes as far as you’re used to from a tank of gas, the Wagoneer S Electric release date will offer the no-compromise futuristic SUV you’ve been dreaming about.

Read on to learn more about this upcoming 2024 Wagoneer model. As its release date draws closer, contact San Antonio CDJR to place your reservation.

What Is the Wagoneer S Electric SUV?

What Is the Wagoneer S Electric SUV?

Before the Wagoneer S EV release date arrives, you should know that the Jeep and Wagoneer brands have a stated goal, and this model is an integral part of their ambitions. That goal is to have EVs make up half their American-market sales by 2030.

The Wagoneer S will serve as the spearhead of the Wagoneer brand’s EV efforts. Of course, with electrified Jeep models already out and adventuring using their eco-friendly power, the Wagoneer S isn’t the first of its kind. It is, however, the sleekest and most futuristic.

The “S” in this new model’s name can be thought of as a symbol for speed and style. It’s a smaller companion to the Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer SUVs, standing in as a sportier all-electric evolution that doesn’t compromise the massive luxuries you expect from a Wagoneer model.

With forward-thinking design, powerful specs, and a new definition of American luxury comprising the model, the Wagoneer S electric SUV release date is more exciting than any we’ve seen before.

Wagoneer S Electric SUV Range & Performance Specs

So, what are those powerful specs set to arrive with the Wagoneer S release date? More power and faster acceleration than any other Wagoneer SUV or Jeep model.

Specifically, the brand stated that the Wagoneer S will boast a targeted output of 600 horsepower.1 With this ambitious achievement, the Wagoneer S release date centers around major specs like a targeted zero-to-60-mph time of about 3.5 seconds, making it an easy contender for the fastest Wagoneer vehicle of all time.

For comparison, the next-fastest model, the Grand Wagoneer L with its available twin-turbo inline-six gas engine, accelerated from zero to 60 mph in 4.7 seconds2 during Car and Driver tests.

While speed and power are key benefits of an EV, the Wagoneer S release date won’t forget about an even more important benefit: superb electric range. Specifically, the Wagoneer S has a targeted estimate of up to 400 miles of range.1 That’s more than we’ve seen from almost any EV SUV to enter the market, and with spectacular luxuries accompanying the model, you can expect more of everything.

2024 Wagoneer S Interior Features & Configurations

While we’ve yet to take our first look inside this upcoming SUV, we’ve studied our new Wagoneer inventory up and down, side to side, and through even the smallest details.

Using the Wagoneer SUV and a Grand Wagoneer for sale as a reference, we can speculate on what might be inside.

It’s reasonable to expect that we’ll start with upscale materials. The Grand Wagoneer SUV offers traditional trims like genuine American Walnut wood or embossed metal. Whether wood, metal, or carbon fiber, the Wagoneer S interior should be lined with comparable decor. It should also offer similar leather upholstery or even next-generation animal-free leather that aligns more with its sustainable goals.

Either way, this new model’s interior specs should involve a two-row, five-seat configuration with a coupe-like roof, serving as the Wagoneer SUV’s smaller, sleeker, all-electric sibling.

Tech will be epitomized by the Wagoneer S release date, too. This model is designed to be the future of American luxury vehicles. From the Grand Wagoneer SUV’s 75 inches of total screens to its rear-seat camera system, the 2024 Wagoneer S has a great foundation to build upon.

2024 Wagoneer S Interior

When Is the Wagoneer S Electric Release Date?

While the announcement has been made, further info regarding the Wagoneer S release date is still on its way. We know that more will be revealed later in 2023, and reservations will open soon after.

This futuristic and powerful SUV is expected to join our all-new inventory sometime in early 2024. In the meantime, visit us today to test-drive a Wagoneer SUV and get a taste of the luxury you can expect when the electric Wagoneer SUV goes on sale.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the Wagoneer S come out?

The Wagoneer S release date is expected to arrive in mid to late 2023, with its production beginning sometime in early 2024. It will come out as a 2024 model. When it does, it will redefine and take American luxury to new heights, blending the pinnacle of advanced technology with traditional comfort and electrifying it to create a faster, more sustainable, and sleeker package than any other Wagoneer model.

Where will the Wagoneer S be built?

Currently, we know that the Wagoneer S will be built in North America but do not have a specific location to report on. As the Wagoneer SUV and Grand Wagoneer SUV are built in Warren, Michigan (near Detroit), we expect the Wagoneer S release date to kick off production in the same place, bringing you the next generation of American-made electric vehicles with next-level SUV luxury.

What kind of engine does the Wagoneer S have?

The Wagoneer S will have a set of electric motors rather than a traditional gasoline engine. This all-electric American luxury SUV will show you that thrilling and capable driving doesn’t have to involve the burning of fossil fuels. Currently, the brand has targeted an estimated output of 600 horsepower1 and a range estimate of up to 400 miles1 for the Wagoneer S release date.

1Manufacturer’s targeted estimates. Use for comparison purposes only; production specs and range may vary. Factors impacting mileage and range include options, use of certain equipment (air conditioning, heating, etc), charging habits, weather and road conditions, battery age, tire types and vehicle condition.

2This information is not verified by the official manufacturer and shall serve solely as unofficial general information. For details, visit: https://www.caranddriver.com/jeep/grand-wagoneer

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