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Oil service at San Antonio CDJR service center in texas

When it comes to finding a convenient and fairly priced oil change service San Antonio drivers can count on, our service center is your go-to spot.

To start, it’ll all be taken care of as quickly and conveniently as possible. Better still, we only use high-quality, manufacturer-recommended fluids and filters when you bring your vehicle in for an oil change. Add on customer service akin to what you’d receive when buying a new car with us. Then find one of our oil change coupons to make your wallet just as happy, and choosing an oil change with us just makes sense.

From Chrysler to JEEP® Oil Change Services, Here’s What You Should Know

Engine oil, it’s a mysterious thing at first glance. But when you get into it, it’s not actually as complicated as it seems. We’ll take you through the basics so you can better understand what’s going on under the hood.

Let’s start with the importance of an oil change, using Mopar-recommended oil. Imagine going down a waterslide when suddenly the water level drops. Experiencing friction all of a sudden is a painful experience, no doubt. Apply this concept to your engine. With hundreds of moving parts that must work together, oil keeps everything moving smoothly.

But what if the oil is compromised? Whether it’s from neglecting the suggested CDJR oil change interval or deeper mechanical issues, oil that’s not up to spec won’t do its job properly. When that happens, harmful amounts of friction enter the equation, causing as a result everything from a loss of performance and efficiency to irreversible and extreme engine damage.

We’re not trying to make it scary; this is just the importance of an oil change service. San Antonio drivers can rest easy, though, as we’ll let you know the specific interval for you to get your next oil change done, and only use the best oil for the job.

Speaking of the “best oil for the job,” that would be a the Mopar-recommended oil for your vehicle, and typically a synthetic oil change is the better option. Why is it better than conventional oil? It’s simple. We’d be happy to discuss all the details when you contact our Dodge service department, but the gist of synthetic oil’s benefits are:

  • CDJR Oil change interval lasts for around or over three times longer than conventional oil
  • Increased fuel economy vs. conventional
  • More resistant to chemical breakdown vs. conventional
  • More resilient to high temperatures vs. conventional
  • Flows better in cold temperatures vs. conventional

Really, the only downside to synthetic oil is a higher price versus conventional oil. But in our own opinion — including those of many automotive experts — it’s well worth the premium for the performance and peace of mind you get. At the end of the day, though, when you use one of our oil change coupons, this single downside to synthetic oil becomes a moot point altogether.

Your CDJR Oil Change, Done Quick

When you head to our San Antonio Dodge dealership for an oil change, we know you’re taking time out of your busy schedule. That’s why we’re proud to offer Express Lane service to get it done with NASCAR-like speed. No appointment is necessary — just head on over today for an oil change service San Antonio drivers can receive to save both money and time.

Ram Repair, Chrysler Oil Change & More in San Antonio

Whether it’s intensive repairs or routine maintenance like a battery service, we’re your one-stop shop for keeping your vehicle in top shape. Our coupons make it all sweet, and our friendly customer service makes it sweeter, as you’ll be treated the same way during an oil change as you would when buying a new car with us. So contact us today. We’re ready with state-of-the-art tools in hand.

If you need help with anything else related to your CDJR vehicles, like how to program a key fob to connect it to your Ram truck, just ask!

Frequently Asked Questions

How often do JEEP® vehicles need oil changes?

A specific oil change interval will vary depending on factors such as model, model year, engine type, and more within your Jeep® vehicle. Another factor is the type of oil used. With all this said, when using synthetic Mopar-recommended oil on a newer Jeep® vehicle, your next oil change should occur at every 7,500 to 10,000 miles — but we recommend following specific figures given by an authorized service center.

What type of oil does a JEEP® take?

In North America, the Jeep® brand solely recommends using Pennzoil® motor oil in your Jeep® vehicle. As well, while conventional type oil from Pennzoil® can be used in your Jeep® vehicle, it is highly recommended to use Pennzoil® synthetic oil when getting an oil change.

Does Dodge recommend synthetic oil?

Yes. Specifically, Pennzoil® brand synthetic oil is recommended for your Dodge vehicle. Neither will it void your warranty. In fact, synthetic oil will give many advantages over conventional like a longer lifespan, and higher resistance to extreme temperatures.

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