Auto Battery Service Center in San Antonio, TX

battery service at San Antonio CDJR in San Antonio, TX

Is your vehicle slower to start? Not starting at all? Do you experience random electrical quirks that don’t make sense, like your alarm going off in the middle of the night? Worse yet, when that happens, are you tired of your neighbor giving you the stink-eye in the morning? If you’ve answered yes to one or more of these questions, it might be time to service the battery in your CDJR vehicle.

Modern Cars With Modern Parts

Today’s vehicles are sophisticated. In the past, maybe an analog dashboard clock would be the only accessory running all the time. No biggie. Today, there are sophisticated monitors, controls, alarms, and telematics systems that are always running, and you guessed it, always drawing power from your primary battery. A LOT of power. Worse yet, if you live in a climate with temperature extremes, such as Anywhere, TX, your battery can take a beating.

In order to have your CDJR vehicle running its best, you need OEM equipment that’s built to deliver the performance that your car needs. And yes, it’s always best to come and see us because we have the OEM parts you need right on the shelf: your Dodge battery, Ram battery, Jeep® battery, and Chrysler battery are here!

Could it Be More Than Just a Battery?

If your battery is slow to charge or you experience random curiosities while driving, your alternator may also need inspecting. Your ignition, battery, starter, and alternator are known as your starting/charging system, and the best way to inspect that system’s integrity is with factory equipment. Did you know that some modern alternators are water-cooled? Did you know that some starters are actually integrated into today’s alternators? Did you know that modern batteries can have an entirely different chemical composition than what you might expect?

Look at it this way. Today’s vehicles have more sophisticated technology than the original space shuttle. Would you feel good about using gas-station parts on the shuttle? Then why use anything less on your vehicle that you depend on every day?

San Antonio CDJR Battery Service And More

If you like, call ahead and make an appointment. However, most battery services are an in and out deal, so you might want to take advantage of our Express-Lane Service. Just come on in, and let the pros get you on your way fast. We have service bays set up especially for this purpose: so you can get back out there fast.

Since a battery lasts an average of two to three years, that’s also a good milestone to inspect your tires, wipers, brakes, cooling system, and other critical vehicle components. We’re committed to getting your CDJR vehicle serviced the right way, and fast. While we can’t help you with your grumpy neighbor directly, knowing that your vehicle has been serviced the right way will definitely help everybody in your house (and next door) sleep more soundly. See you soon!