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battery service at San Antonio CDJR in San Antonio, TX

If your new Jeep® Wrangler lease deal needs a new car battery, come to our service department for battery replacement in San Antonio. Our team of professional auto mechanics is trained and certified to install the correct Mopar car battery in your vehicle and ensure the proper function of the alternator and electrical system.

Whether you want a new battery for your off-road lighting kit or need car battery service, trust the professionals in our auto service center in San Antonio to help you stay at full charge.

CDJR Battery Testing

Before we replace the battery in your new Ram truck lease, we’ll perform a visual inspection of the battery, battery terminals, and battery cables. Part of our inspection will be to check for corrosion, signs of damage, and make sure there is a tight connection on the terminal posts.

Road vibration can loosen battery cables over time, creating a loose connection. Even the smallest amount of disconnect can cause a battery to fail.

After the visual inspection, we’ll test your Dodge car battery with a multi-meter to ensure the battery is holding a charge and producing the correct voltage. If the battery fails the multi-meter test, we can replace the dead battery with a new part from our car battery store in San Antonio.

Do You Need a New Car Battery?

If you’re wanting to know how long car batteries last, you’re not alone. While a specific brand of battery may have a mileage rating, it’s not always a guarantee, and it’s better to replace a battery too soon than after it’s died on you. You should consider replacing yours with a fresh MOPAR battery every 5 years or so or if you’ve had your battery die and required a jump start recently.

Dead Car Battery, San Antonio?

We’ve all had it happen. We’ve started our days by walking out to our cars only to discover that we left the lights on and the car won’t start. This usually won’t require a battery replacement in San Antonio, but there are reasons your car won’t start that are the result of a bad battery.

Just like the batteries in your TV remote, car batteries don’t last forever. After about five years, they need to be replaced. If you’re coming up on your battery’s expiration date, don’t wait to replace the battery. Stop by our car battery store in San Antonio and buy a new Chrysler car battery.

Mopar Battery Cable Repair

One of the reasons why your car won’t start can be a damaged battery cable. If you’ve ever tried to lift a car battery before, you know they’re heavy. When you turn your car, you might hear bags in your trunk sliding around. The same thing can happen to your car’s battery if it’s not securely fastened. If the battery is dislodged, the momentum can break a battery cable. When this happens, the battery is generally fine, but you will need battery cable replacement.

Battery Service Specials and Parts Coupons

Before you schedule a battery replacement in San Antonio, be sure to check our current promotions and discounts on auto repair. We offer monthly coupons on common auto repairs, such as brake pad replacements and tire rotations.

Before you book your car’s next quick oil change in San Antonio, be sure to browse our current service specials. You might find a money-saving oil change coupon.

In addition to our monthly service specials on auto repair and battery replacement in San Antonio, we also offer a wide range of discounts on new OEM auto parts for sale and battery coupons.

Auto Repair & Parts at San Antonio CDJR

Come to the auto parts store and service department at our dealership for battery replacement in San Antonio when you want professional auto mechanics, a courteous staff, and discounts on auto repair. We look forward to learning how we can help you get back on the road.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you know if your car battery needs replacing?

Here are the most common signs your car battery needs replacing:

  • Your engine has trouble starting up and cranks slowly
  • Headlights significantly dim as you operate powered functions like windows
  • Seasonal temperature changes worsen issues
  • A battery warning light appears on the dashboard
  • Blue-colored corrosion appears on the battery terminals
  • Your car hasn’t been turned on for several months
  • Your battery is five or more years old

What’s the average life of a car battery?

The average life of a car battery depends on its specs and quality; typically, you can expect around four to six years. Even if your battery crosses the four-year threshold and works, it should be replaced before it turns five years old. Climate conditions can also significantly impact its life span, and extreme hot or cold climates can reduce it to three years.

How often should you get your car battery checked?

We recommend that you get your car battery checked twice per year. Frequent battery checkups will help you avoid a sudden loss of power, which could leave you stranded when you’re out running errands. Our service technicians will inspect your battery with a multimeter to ensure its power flow is optimal and closely look at the terminals to ensure no corrosion is present.

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