Lifted Ram 1500 Options Explained

lifted ram 1500

When drivers want a truck that looks, performs, and feels like a true beast, they choose a lifted Ram 1500. This truck is already a top-class, trail-capable machine, even from the factory and even without being lifted. When you lift it, new worlds open up. You can conquer all trails with a factory-lifted trim, like the monstrous TRX, or discover official Ram 1500 lift kits and installation at San Antonio CDJR. No matter which route you head down, you’ll turn heads and feel like a champion of the road along the way.

Our Ram dealership is proud to offer lifted Ram 1500 trims, official lift kits, and a competitive inventory for you to explore. Learn more about the Ram 1500 lift options and their benefits below, then visit us to test drive a new or used Ram 1500 truck that suits your style and off-road ambitions.

What Does it Feel Like to Drive a Lifted Ram 1500?

A Ram 1500 already makes you feel like you’re in command of the road. Its solid build, plush interior, and aggressive body make every mile blow by with smooth, seamless ease. Towing comes easy, potholes are hardly a problem, and other drivers usually sit below you. With a lifted Ram 1500, all that gets turned up to 11.

First, the ride height. No matter which lift option you spring for, you’ll be introduced to a new hobby: looking down on other drivers, literally. The confidence inspired by being sat above traffic is astounding. You’ll be able to see well, well ahead of the vehicle in front of you, adding a wider window for you to react to upcoming slow-downs and dangers. Simply put, the cars around you will feel like ants, and you’ll feel like the king of the road.

Every king must venture into their land’s wild frontiers at some point. When you do, you’ll discover the other main benefit of a lifted Ram 1500: the ability to laugh at off-road obstacles that would bring other vehicles to a halt. Of course, this will rely on supporting components like large off-road tires and skid plates, but most lifted Ram 1500 trims include those upgrades, and you may be able to combine lift-kit installation with off-road equipment installation at our service center.

Above all, though, a lifted Ram 1500 is still a Ram 1500. Luxury, comfort, versatility, and more are at their pinnacle in this truck.

Need a second opinion on it? Here’s one: The experts at Car and Driver say that “the Ram 1500 offers comfort lavish enough that you’d think it was a pregame for the La-Z-Boy at home,”1 and that “its excellent ride and handling are unmatched by other full-size pickups.”1 With the capabilities of a lift kit added on, this all becomes even better.

Lifted Ram 1500 Configurations From the Factory

Lifted Ram 1500 Configurations From the Factory

A new Ram 1500 for sale can be lifted via an official Mopar lift kit or by choosing a lifted trim. Many drivers choose the trims, as the truck will arrive with lifted capabilities, with no extra work needed. For the 2024 model, these trims include the Ram 1500 Rebel and the Ram 1500 TRX.

As a lifted Ram 1500 should be, these two trims are oriented toward off-road excellence, but one is a bit more extreme than the other. Perhaps “a bit” isn’t the right term; the Ram 1500 TRX is worlds more extreme than every other Ram 1500, including the Rebel trim. The Rebel, however, is the best lifted Ram 1500 trim for drivers who, firstly, would prefer an affordable and more subdued package for their daily drive while still gaining weekend-warrior capabilities that go above the crowd of SUVs waiting to fail their trail-riding attempt.

Either of these models will welcome you to the next level of versatile capabilities and powerful performance. The 2024 Ram 1500 Rebel provides you with 305 horsepower and 8.7 inches of ground clearance as standard and has a starting price of $59,595 MSRP.2 The insane 2024 Ram 1500 TRX belongs in an asylum. It has 702 horsepower, 11.8 inches of ground clearance, and a starting price of $96,585 MSRP.2

Official Ram 1500 Lift Kits

Official Ram 1500 Lift Kits

So, what if you have one of these trucks already and are looking for a lifting kit for Ram 1500 models like a 2022 Ram 1500 Big Horn? The catalog of Ram accessories has you covered.

A lifted Ram 1500 kit typically adds 2 inches of lift for greater ground clearance. It can let you fit bigger all-terrain tires, too. An official Ram 1500 lift kit will include FOX™ performance shocks, new control arms, and more to maximize the effects of enhanced tires and ride height on uneven terrain. And the best part? Since this is an official MOPAR accessory, we can handle the installation for you. And, since we are an official Ram dealership, warranty coverage typically will remain intact.3

The good news, too, is that the official Ram 1500 lifted kit options can be applied to most pre-owned Ram 1500 trucks from the 2019 model year and onward.

Experience Lifted Ram 1500 Specs, Capabilities, and Style Today

Experience Lifted Ram 1500 Specs, Capabilities, and Style Today

So, what’ll it be? Take on a lifted Ram 1500, like a Rebel, from our all-new Ram inventory? Or bring in your current truck for an official lift kit to raise it up? Whichever option you choose, disappointment will be nowhere to be found. These trucks are ideal candidates for lifted performance and style, and if you have them on your radar, we can help you hone in on the best option for your needs, wants, and tastes. Visit us today at San Antonio CDJR to experience a lifted Ram 1500 trim level with a test drive or order your official lift kit.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to lift a Ram 1500?

The price of a lifted Ram 1500 will vary with many factors, including the lifted trim (like Rebel or TRX) you choose, the configuration options you add, or the specific lift kit and service center you select for your custom lifted Ram 1500. Generally, a 2-inch lift kit will cost less to install than higher-riding 4-inch kits, as the higher kits involve more work to install.

What is the best lift kit for Ram 1500?

The best Ram 1500 lift kit will vary depending on your needs. The brand has an official 2-inch lift kit available. The 2-inch kit is affordable, easy to set up, and incurs a rather insignificant reduction in gas mileage. It will include performance suspension, new control arms, and more to let you fit larger all-terrain tires and enjoy a stable and powerful lifted ride.

Does a lift kit use more gas?

Yes, typically, a lift kit will cause your truck or SUV to consume more gasoline in the same driving scenario. This is due to the lifted vehicle’s raised stance, which places the body higher into the stream of oncoming air and adds aerodynamic drag. Lift-kit MPG reduction will vary based on the lift and the tires that you’re using with it. In exchange, style and off-road capabilities increase.

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