Used Chevy Colorado For Sale In San Antonio, TX

A used Chevy Colorado for sale from San Antonio CDJR is a great way to pick up a vehicle designed to tackle any adventure. From the weekend warrior hardware store runs to the weekday onslaught of family activities, this is the vehicle that can make it all happen. Be sure to browse our complete used car inventory so that you can put your finger on the perfect model. Keep scrolling to learn more.

Meet the Used Chevy Colorado for Sale

Any used Chevy Colorado for sale is a proud representative of can-do GM capability. The earliest started life with the same underpinnings as the GMC Hummer from the same era. Capability, performance, and versatility quickly grew to become mainstays of the nameplate. Specialized trims for sport, off-road, & hauling capabilities have helped the Chevy Colorado become what it is today. Late-model trims to look out for include:

  • A used Chevy Colorado Work Truck
  • A used Chevy Colorado LT
  • A used Chevy Colorado Z71
  • A used Chevy Colorado ZR1
  • A used Chevy Colorado ZR2

Look out for Chevy essentials like connected services, Bluetooth® connectivity and voice command features. The Chevy Colorado is powered by an efficient four-cylinder engine, a determined six-cylinder diesel, or a herculean V-6. You’ll enjoy a smooth-shifting six or eight-speed automatic transmission, and those looking for a used Chevy Colorado manual transmission should pay close attention to early model examples.

Built-In Quality & Your Used Chevrolet Colorado in San Antonio

There’s nothing like the feeling that comes from finding the perfect truck at the perfect price. Wrap it all up in a smooth experience with knowledgeable salespeople and attentive finance team. And there’s an unsung set of heroes that usually don’t get credit. They are the technicians in our service center.

Our dedicated team of truck-lovers know just what to look for when they inspect and service Chevy trucks. They look after them and service them as if they were a member of the family. Each vehicle receives a truck-specific inspection with diagnostics, servicing, and test drive before completion of service. Count on their skill to deliver the kind of truck you want to have for many years. See that 2014 used Chevy Colorado? Drive off in confidence, knowing that our service team made things right.

FAQs & the Used Chevy Colorado for Sale

We know you’ve got questions, and we’ve got the answers. Our guests seem to bring up a lot of the same topics, so we’re here to help by playing myth-busters once & for all.

How many miles do Chevy Colorado pickups last?

The Chevy brand’s reliability is well known, especially among used car owners. You can travel to many remote locations and find a Chevy S-10 with its original powertrain, working as hard as it ever has. So much depends on owner care. When starting with a quality product like a used Chevy Colorado for sale, you can expect many years of dependable ownership with regular service.

Does Chevy Colorado have transmission problems?

Any vehicle might develop a transmission problem. If you’ve been doing rear-wheel donuts out in the dirt before towing an open-air trailer beyond the recommended tow capacity, then yes. You’ll have transmission problems. Regular care will extend the life of any transmission that you’ll find in a Chevy Colorado. Speak with a service representative about maintenance services.

Are Chevy Colorado engines reliable?

Many popular auto blogs put the Chevy Colorado at the top of its class when it comes to reliability. One auto blog gives the Chevy Colorado a 4.0/5.0 reliability rating for fewer and less costly repairs than other pickups in the segment.

A Used Chevy Colorado for Sale & More

If reliability is a key driver for your decisions, then a Chevy Colorado is a safe bet for many reasons. If you’re looking for the most reliability out of a pre-owned purchase, then you might also like something from our certified pre-owned cars selection.

Looking for creative ways to create value? Maybe you should try an early model used Chevy Colorado Extended Cab from our selection of used cars under 15k. Get a truck that’s been reconditioned by our shop, then purchase an extended service contract & warranty.

The point is, when you shop at San Antonio CDJR, you’ve got options. Whether you’re motivated to find something within a budget or you’re looking for something that represents the sky as the limit, our team will work with you to make it happen. Why wait?

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