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First, let’s answer the question, “What are safety recalls?” Safety recalls include problems that are found with a Fiat Chrysler Automobiles US LLC product that negatively affect the safe operation of the product or put the safety of the occupants in jeopardy. MOPAR® recall service is done at no extra cost to the customer, regardless of whether the car is still protected under warranty or the car is new or pre-owned.

How Do Recalls Work?

FCA US LCC puts the safety of its customers first. Their commitment rests with manufacturing vehicles that are as dependable as they are high-performing. From time to time, they may recall a vehicle to address a specific safety issue or to enhance the car’s performance and reliability. You can schedule MOPAR® recall service with San Antonio Dodge Chrysler Jeep RAM or a dealer closest to you, and the service center will complete the repair for free.

How Do You Know If Your Vehicle Has a Recall?

In the U.S., recall notifications must be sent to affected owners by way of first class mail. Of course, there are situations where the recall notice may not make it into the hands of the car owner. If you relocate to a different address and don’t update your vehicle’s registration, you may never receive the notification. Or, you may have purchased a used car, but the mailing information isn’t available to the manufacturer at the time of the recall. The notification may have actually been sent to the former owner — instead of you.

Fortunately, there’s an easy way to check the recall status of your Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, RAM, or Fiat vehicle. To see if your vehicle has been affected, visit the MOPAR® site and look up any current FCA recalls. All you need to do is input your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), and you can view information about FCA US recalls that were announced on or after January 1, 2000.

How to Find Your VIN Number

It’s simple! Your car’s VIN is a 17-character number that can be found on your purchase documents, insurance card, car title, and registration. It can also be found on the car itself — usually near the windshield on the driver’s side dash or inside the driver’s door. After you input that into the MOPAR® recall lookup, you can view brief descriptions of the safety risk (if there is one) and the necessary repair.

Schedule FCA Recall Service in San Antonio, TX

Has the FCA US LLC issued a recall notice for your vehicle? San Antonio Dodge Chrysler Jeep RAM can complete MOPAR® recall service in San Antonio at no cost to you. Schedule an appointment online, or call us at 210-405-1562 if you have any questions.

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