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Shop Lifted Trucks For Sale In San Antonio, Texas

Why would you only stand out when you can also stand above the crowd with our lifted trucks for sale? The answer is a matter of preference, and if you’re a driver who loves commanding a high-riding truck that dominates the wild, then you’ll love our lifted trucks. At San Antonio CDJR, we offer these beasts without the burden, bringing you competitive prices and ready-made custom lifted trucks that’ll be primed for adventure.

Whether you want to crush trails that gave your previous truck difficulties or drive home in a show-stopping ride, we have a lifted truck that’ll suit your bold tastes. Explore our lifted trucks for sale below, and visit our trusted San Antonio dealership for a test drive.

Get Into Our New Lifted Trucks for Sale

Most factory-fresh lifted trucks for sale come with a downside: they’re either pre-owned modified trucks that can be hard to trust, or they’re something you’ve got to hand over to a mechanic for hours of custom work (or spend hours building yourself). That often means a lack of warranty and a long process just to get the powerful truck you’ve been dreaming about.

Not so with our showroom-floor lifted trucks for sale. Genuine MOPAR lift kits may be used for the job, meaning that authorized parts are inside, which can inspire confidence and keep the factory warranty intact. Contact us for details on your favorite lifted truck in our inventory, and discover the quality parts used in the process.

Plus, a new lifted truck lets you enjoy your favorite Ram 1500 for sale with a difference. Ride high and get the best view of the road, and when the road ends, enjoy the latest luxuries as you head far from civilization. Swing by today to experience this elevated excellence.

Lifted Jeeps for Sale: They Just Make Sense

After lifted trucks for sale like a lifted Ram 1500, the most popular lifted vehicles are — you guessed it — lifted Jeeps.

A Jeep Wrangler has immense ground clearance to get over most off-road obstacles, and a lifted Jeep Wrangler for sale can get you even further down the trail. Enjoy the 4×4 power with capabilities like never before, and hit the all-terrain adventure knowing that you will be the leader of the pack.

Of course, there is also the lifted Jeep truck; a lifted Jeep Gladiator For Sale. Combine the towing power and gear-holding bed of a truck with the legendary all-terrain capabilities of a Wrangler, then lift it up even higher, and you can see why a lifted Jeep Gladiator makes even more sense for your lifestyle.

But if your lifestyle calls for hybrid efficiency, you can even find a lifted Jeep Wrangler 4xe to explore nature while protecting it. Give our San Antonio Jeep dealership a call to learn more. We can install genuine MOPAR lift kits on your Jeep, too.

Discover Our Lifted Trucks for Sale in San Antonio, Texas, Today

We’ve got the lifted trucks for sale Texas drivers want and can count on for satisfaction across years of adventuring. Plus, you can count on us for competitive prices on the competition-crushing lifted truck for sale that has been on your mind. Visit our lifted truck showroom in San Antonio today to take one on a test drive, and get ready to ride off in the beastly truck you deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do lifted trucks flip easily?

Lifted trucks are generally safe vehicles, but like any factory-spec high ground clearance truck or SUV, being mindful of your cornering speed is important when compared to lower-stance vehicles. If it’s your first time driving a lifted truck, take corners and curves slower than you normally would, and build an understanding of the handling characteristics gradually with careful attention to how your truck is behaving. Once you learn the ropes, you’ll find that lifted trucks for sale are easy and safe to drive.

How long do lifted trucks last?

Most lifted trucks will last for around 200,000 miles when lifted with a high-quality kit, and properly maintained and driven with care. Like any other truck, adherence to scheduled maintenance and proper care will make a significant impact on the lifespan of your lifted truck. The amount of lift given will also make a difference towards its lifespan.

What does a lifted truck mean?

A “lifted truck” means that a truck has been raised up higher than factory specifications, either using a suspension kit, suspension spacers, or body spacers, or a combination of all three. Depending on how high it is lifted, a properly-lifted truck will include further components like new sway bar end links, control arms, tie rods, subframe spacers, and more to work properly with the new ride height.

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