The Secret To Driver Safety Is In Your Hands

Driving in Texas is a fact of life. And Texas is big. This means more times than not, you’ve got a long way to go to get to your destination. Right along with 30 million other Texans doing the same thing who we oftentimes see as the enemy. Life behind the wheel can be frustrating for all of us and this caught the interest of our General Manager here at CDJR of San Antonio.

He gets to see positive automotive experiences every day in our showroom. People love getting into a new vehicle because it’s such an exciting time. In fact, as your San Antonio Jeep dealer, we get to see a lot of what Jeep owners refer to as “The Jeep Wave.” Jeep owners are bonded to each other through a common interest in their vehicles and they’re excited to see (and often times help) other “Jeepers” out there on the road.

But what about the rest of us? We’re excited to get into our new car, we roll out of the dealership, and right back into a world of traffic that feels like it’s out to get us. According to a recent Texas A&M study, traffic is getting worse every year, and as the Texas economy continues to grow, so will the headaches from increased traffic. We’ve heard our friends, family, neighbors, and customers complain about all this so CDJR of San Antonio went a step beyond.

We produced our own study interviewing 2000 drivers in Texas to see if we could get to the bottom of why something that should be fun and exciting gets so frustrating and even dangerous. We took the opportunity to discuss some key points with drivers in Texas during recent restrictions with the pandemic. The roads are quieter and things should be a bit more relaxed. So driver relationships should be better right? Take a look below at what we found out.

Everything’s Big In Texas. Including Headaches Behind The Wheel

With our survey, we looked at some contributing factors that make driving in Texas feel more like a showdown at high-noon. Participants were asked to rate how they felt about various things behind the wheel on a scale of 1-10 (with 1 being the worst and 10 the best). When we asked Texas drivers how they felt about each other, we noticed a pattern. Arlington (sorry y’all) came in with the lowest score of 2.5 out of 10 where New Braunfels topped the list with 7.2 out of 10 for good feelings. Wherever we see more space surrounding a town, the more drivers seemed to like each other with the inverse being true as well. So does space on the road make for happier drivers?

Our study found that 1 in 10 drivers, during the pandemic, are actually taking the opportunity of having more space on the road as a chance to break the rules-of-the-road at a higher rate. This is in synch with other national studies showing that traffic-related injuries are surging. So is space on the roads the real solution to our minimizing risks getting behind the wheel?

That doesn’t seem to be the answer either. If congestion isn’t the issue, what’s left? Us. Now, we all might not want a Jeep, but we can all admire their sense of fellowship. No matter what car or truck you want, or what car or truck you drive, take a moment when you’re behind the wheel and remember, we’re all in this together. And if the other guy isn’t making a good choice? Step up, and be the example. We believe this will catch on so that we can make the driving in Texas factor a perfect 10 on the next survey. Can you help us?

We’re Here To Help You

Questions or comments about the survey? Drop us a line because we want to know! Interested in experiencing what the Jeep Wave is all about? One of our Jeep Wrangler lease deals might just help you demonstrate goodwill towards man. If a Jeep isn’t you’re thing, we’ve got plenty of Ram 1500 trucks for sale along with other incredible vehicles from within the CDJR family. Don’t forget to explore our used trucks for sale in addition to our commercial vans. Yeah, we sell cars. But more goes into being behind the wheel than just a making a transaction. It’s an experience. These days we can all use every positive experience that we can get. If Texas has ever been good at anything, its stepping up to a challenge. Let’s work together to make our everyday experience behind the wheel the best experience possible for all of us. The decision is ours.