What are the Benefits of Pre-ordering Your Next Vehicle in San Antonio?

Most of the time when people go car shopping they go to their local dealership, look around, and choose from what’s there. With online car shopping becoming more prevalent, that’s changing. But it doesn’t change the fact that the best car buys are made in person. More often than not, a salesman won’t tell you about options not in plain view. They want to make a sale ASAP, and the best way to do that is to push something readily available.

What’s more, with the COVID crisis of the last year and a half or so, the supply chain for onboard computer chips has been cut severely short. That means the inventory dealers normally have just isn’t there. But the good news is that you’re not alone, in waiting for your next car buy. It also means you’ll have more time to think over your next automobile purchase and get an even better deal.

Here at San Antonio Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram, we believe in doing what it takes to get you into the vehicle you want, even if it means putting off the final sales for a few weeks. That’s good news for you, and it also means that you’ll enjoy all the benefits of pre-ordering your next car, truck, or SUV.

Why Buy Pre-Order?

When the on-hand supply of your dream car is limited, it means you probably won’t be able to get all of the features you want. Worse, it means you might have to take something with features you don’t want. But let’s take a quick look at all of the benefits of pre-ordering.

Pre-Ordering Benefits at a Glance:

  • Get features you want
  • Don’t pay for unwanted features
  • Get a truly unique vehicle
  • Cut to the chase & buy
  • In 5 to 8 weeks, it’s yours

Don’t Pay For Features You Won’t Use

Most new vehicles come with a range of trim sets, some come with many. But no set of trims can meet the exact wants and needs of every driver. We can pick the one that comes closest, and sometimes we can get you exactly what you would like best.

Get the Configuration You Want

In addition to features and gadgets, certain colors may or may not be readily available in combination with the seating, stereo, AC, and tech configuration you have in mind. With a pre-order, your chances increase – and with luck, you might even be able to get a rare or custom color/feature that excites you.

Get a Rare Package

Some trim packages are just for preproduction models. Some are only a trial run. Certain trim sets are like that short-running TV show you loved that only lasted a season or two. You may be part of a small group of people who love it, but the sales just weren’t there to keep it in production. But with a pre-order, you might just be able to get that rare package you were hoping for.

Save Money & Time

Certainly, buying what’s on the lot would be faster. But most picky car shoppers will wait for something more like what they are looking for to come into stock. Few car buyers even consider pre-ordering, and it means getting something closer to perfect in less time.

A Little Wait for the Perfect Car or Truck

The typical wait for a pre-order is between 5 and 8 weeks. That’s still faster than checking the lot for months on end and hoping. So, when you see the config. you’re dreaming of, the best thing to do is go for it!

At San Antonio Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram, our team of auto sales and support professionals is dedicated to getting you into the car, truck, SUV, or crossover that you’re dreaming of, right down to the finest detail. Sure, we’d like to complete the sale on the same day, but we’d rather have happy customers who come back for their next dream mobile and their next. To learn more and find out everything you could get in your favorite Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, or Ram get in touch today.