Getting Your Car Ready for Summer


Summer is around the corner, and your vehicle needs to be just as prepared for the hot months as you are! So, here is a guide to getting the car ready to roll.

1. Check air pressure of tires

Check the tire pressure guide on the driver's side door jamb to figure out the right tire pressures. Properly inflated tires last longer and improve your gas mileage.

2. Check the air conditioning

Summer means one thing: the constant use of air conditioning. Test the A/C for a while to see if it still gets cold. While you do that, see if there are any unusual noises or odors. The system might need cleaning, have a leak, or need recharging.

3. Inspect wiper fluid and blades

Visibility is the most important thing on the road, and you might have gotten ice off the windshield with the wiper fluid in winter. Check the wiper fluid and top it off if needed. You also might want to look into getting a solution to clear bugs off the glass.

Take a look at the blades. Most of the time, experts recommend replacing them in the winter, since the heat dries out the rubber. Run the wipers with fresh fluid and see if they streak.

4. Perform an under-the-hood inspection

You probably haven't cracked open the hood of your car all winter. But now that the weather is warm, it's time to make sure it's safe. Make sure the engine is cooled off before doing so. Here are a few items to examine:

Battery: Check for corrosion on the terminals. The corrosion can be cleaned with baking soda and a toothbrush. After cleaning it, check it again a few weeks later to see if the corrosion has returned. This could indicate a more serious issue.

Oil: People used to think that it helped to switch to heavy oil in summer and light oil in the winter. It was true for the time, but this advice is now outdated and shouldn't apply to cars built since 2000. If the check engine light is on and you've been putting off the professional check due to the weather, now's the time to take it in for an appointment.

Coolant: Take a look at the coolant in the reservoir, checking both the level and its condition. You want clear, not cloudy.

Brake fluid: If the brake fluid level in the reservoir looks low, this is one instance when you shouldn't top it off. In many cases, the brake fluid will drop to match the wear on the pads. Take the car to the shop for a closer look at the brake system.

5. Wash and wax the car 

The mixed precipitation and freezing weather we experienced this winter have been rough on your car. Summer is the best time to detail the vehicle to get it back to looking its best. The weather is way more likely to give you a sunny weekend for washing the car, and the cleaning job will last. Take it to the wash to get it detailed, or try it yourself!

If you need any help getting your car in shape to stand up to the hot summer months, come see us at San Antonio Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram! Our expert service team can give your vehicle a thorough inspection, and get it ready quickly and reliably. Pay us a visit today and make sure you're ready for summer!

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