Top 5 Best Road Trip Destinations In Texas

Texas is filled with a wide variety of unique destinations that will inspire a sense of wonder, both with nature at its finest, and with the towering heights of human ingenuity.  Here are five places you should visit while on a road trip through the "Remember the Alamo" state. 

The Johnson Space Center is home of NASA's public face. Here, you will encounter exhibits and monuments detailing the American struggle to reach space, and catch a glimpse of what the future may hold. Located near the ocean, you can head down to the beach afterwards to unwind from the educational experience. 

This rural area is dotted with forests, winding country roads, and small towns that allow you to forget how close some of the biggest cities in the country are. Considering this region takes up nearly a fifth of the state, there is too much to list here. One great place to visit in this area is the Cave Without A Name, located in Boerne, TX. It has been registered as a National Natural Landmark. Traveling through the Texas Hill Country is best done over several days. There are dozens of inns, and bed and breakfasts' scattered throughout, and many of the communities have wonderful examples of early Texan architecture. 

Located just out of range of the light pollution that dominates the urban Texas sky, and one of the furthest southern points in the Continental United States, South Padre Island can be considered one of the best places to view the Milky Way at night. Cross the Queen Isabella Causeway and settle down as the sun sets. With numerous marinas and boat rental sites on the island, you can take a break from driving and enjoy an afternoon out on the beach, perfect for truly getting away from it all. 

There are few things more clearly indicative of Texan culture than the Alamo. In many eyes, the siege can be viewed as the Texan Masada, where the brave people chose to stay out of principal and loyalty - even when they knew they could not win. Take a tour of this historic fort, and look at amazement at the place where one of the most well-known battles between the Second Mexican Empire and Republic of Texas took place. There are tours on a regular basis, and it is a popular attraction. Considering San Antonio's climate, it is best to arrive early in the morning, or well after the mid-day sun. 

Located on the outskirts of Glen Rose, this beautiful park is home to some of the most well known (and preserved) dinosaur tracks ever discovered. The park features models of a 70 ft. Apatosaurus and a 45 ft. Tyrannosaurus Rex, in addition to many other examples of the bygone era. Considering the recent success of the movie Jurassic World, this is sure to be a hit with your children! Located on 1,500 acres, this park features many rivers, lakes, mountains, and enough trails to make any hiker giddy with joy. For those traveling cross-country in an RV, there are RV sites with water and electric hookups available. 

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