All You Need to Know About Warranties


For those without any experience with automotive warranties, there is precious little to indicate how these two warranties differ. Thankfully, the differences are quite stark, with the more comprehensive bumper-to-bumper warranty being preferable to the limited powertrain warranty. Here are how the two are the same, including common coverages and exemptions.


Both warranties cover certain components of the car. A powertrain warranty is limited in scope, only covering non-wear items that are connected to the propulsion system. In other words, things like the battery and the fluids are not covered.

Likewise, a bumper-to-bumper warranty covers many components of the car. The exception being wear items and those connected to the body frame (panels and the bumpers.)

It is vital to reiterate that neither form of warranty covers items that are meant to be changed on a regular basis. Car batteries, belts and chains, and fluid levels should be monitored and replaced on a proactive basis. If they break, it is either due to neglect on the owner's part, or a fault that needs to be brought up to the manufacturer.

Powertrain Warranties

These are common for lower end vehicles when purchased new, and come standard in many states that regulate used car sales. This warranty is designed to protect drivers from "lemon cars", vehicles with severe issues that keep them from being safe to drive on the road.

Since the powertrain is the most expensive part of the car, having it protected is vital when protecting your pocketbook if something were to break down. Just remember, not everything is covered, and warranties cover things that are in need of replacement as well as those that have broken!

If you are looking for a car that you will not keep for long, then this cheaper policy may be more worthwhile. Just make sure that it is transferable when you go to sell your car.

Bumper-to-Bumper Warranties

Much like a comprehensive car insurance policy covers more than a limited liability policy, a bumper-to-bumper warranty handles a vastly larger chunk of possible issues with your vehicle. From defects in the seats, to the electrical wiring connecting your radio to the speakers, everything that is normally not user-serviceable is covered.

The major exception is anything designed to take a beating on the outside of the car. Panels and bumpers are designed to act like shields, and are considered wearable parts that should be replaced by the person responsible for the damage.

Similar to a comprehensive insurance policy, a bumper-to-bumper warranty is more expensive and better suited to newer and more expensive cars. However, if you need it you will be thankful for the additional coverage. This policy is highly recommended for any vehicle where the interior components will cost as much as the powertrain to replace, for instance a limited edition sports car with the highest trim package level.

Which Should I Get?

That is a question most people ask themselves when vehicle shopping. If you have the money, get the more comprehensive policy. If the car is cheaper, and you intend to sell it relatively quickly, then go with the standard powertrain warranty. No matter which warranty you chose, San Antonio Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram has the professional staff to assist you in making the correct warranty decision for your new vehicle. Head on over to browse our inventory!  

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