The Hazards Of Leaving Your Dog In The Car

Taking your dog with you while you run errands can be a good way to treat the little one for being good around the house, and to have an excuse to stop by the park after running your errands. However, you are taking a sizable risk every time you leave your four-legged companion in the car, for even just a few minutes.

Car Doors Are Locked/Unlocked

Car locks are not particular if a finger or a paw presses them. The last thing you need is to have to call a locksmith, or bust through a window. This problem can happen regardless of how well behaved your dog may be. If something catches his eyes, he will be up in the window taking a gander without a second thought. After all, you did leave him in a car without any entertainment.

Car Rolls Downhill

There are times when it is easier to stick the car into neutral and activate the parking brake, rather than fully putting the car into park. If you do this, then your pup can accidentally release it. The last thing any car or animal lover would want is to see both roll away!

The Horn Goes Off

Like with the door locks, there is nothing in place to distinguish between a human pushing the button and a dog. Many dogs have been known to honk the horn to get attention, often with annoying consequences for their owners!

The Dog Escapes

If you leave your windows down, Fido may decide to explore the world without you. This happens more often than you think, since dogs are famous for obeying only when they think they are being watched. The second you are out of sight he will be tempted to start chasing squirrels down the street.

Dangerous To Its Health 

There is a serious risk to the long-term health of your four-legged companion if you leave him in the car. If the windows are rolled up, and he activates the door locks, then you could face the exact same situation that far too many parents experience, the car becomes an oven and bakes your pet. Even leaving the windows cracked cannot prevent this problem, since the car will still warm up well beyond what is comfortable for any creature not from a desert. 

 San Antonio DCJR wants to keep you and your pets safe! Before bringing your lovable pet along for a ride, make sure to think ahead, and prepare to not leave them alone in the car! 

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