Roadkill Burns Rubber with the New Charger and Challenger Hellcat

Every car show and publication is a little different, but the guys at Roadkill excel at taking your expectations of a show about muscle cars and turning them on their head. Roadkill likes to take a different, less formal approach to showcasing their favorite classics and occasionally some of the biggest and baddest modern muscle cars. At San Antonio Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram we love the new 2015 SRT lineup, the brand new Charger Hellcat and its sibling the Challenger Hellcat have been making headlines and burning rubber since they were recently released, so when Dodge sponsored the guys at Roadkill with an episode dedicated to the newest Hellcats as well as the indomitable Viper, we paid attention.

Roadkill  is less interested in stats and typical road test than they are in less conventional stats, at one point they even say "Dodge says the new Viper can actually get up to 20 mpg despite its 686 horsepower V-10, and we can guarantee we won't find out if that's true." These certified grease monkeys are more interested in learning which of the three high powered cars can perform the longest burnout, is best at drifting and which would win in a tug of war, so anything but conventional. Watch the video and see what kind of damage they could do in less than an hour:

Muscle cars may be forever, but Roadkill proves that their tires are not. After some high powered drifts, some "Dukes of Hazzard" inspired off-road hijinks, and a lot of burned out tires, the conclusion is that there is no clear winner, except for the drivers of course. The Roadkill methodology may be different than most auto publications, but in a way they get down to the root of what makes these cars so great.

Dodge made a lot of bold choices when they were engineering and designing the Hellcats and the Viper, and the odd road tests administered by the Roadkill team showcases that. 707 horsepower HEMI engines are made for burning rubber and having some fun, check out the full video above, and if you want to experience the new 2015 Charger Hellcat, Challenger Hellcat, or Viper SRT, just come by San Antonio Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram and take a closer look at the models right here on our lot. Test drive one here in San Antonio, just please bring it back with the tires intact.

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